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Residential Solar

Residential Solar

Elated, could not be happier with the results

Cut your power bills with Solaron

Everyone knows how effective solar power can be at reducing power bills. Free power from the sun means you use less power from the grid supply which reduces your power bill. The two big questions are how much will I save and when will my system be paid off?

At Solaron we look at all the information such as power bills, when you use power and what appliances you have in your home. We then design the the right system for you and estimate how much your solar system will save you. Finance is available and you can redirect the money you save from your power bills as payments towards your solar system.

Quality installation and backup makes all the difference

A great outcome from a solar system requires good design, great products and high level install. Your system is sitting on a hot roof and out in the elements so why would you risk cheap products and a budget installation. At Solaron we have tested all the products we use and selected the best we can find, not the cheapest, so you have a really great solar experience. We are looking ahead too with excellent backup support, full warranty from some of the worlds leading solar manufacturers and system designs that allow for future battery storage.

Which system is right for me

Solar power is good for the environment, but everyone wants to reduce their power bills. A system that is too small for your daytime power use will be disappointing and will not produce the savings you expected. Before your system is installed we will provide you with a detailed aerial image of the panels on your roof. We will also give you a performance estimate graph ​indicating how much your system should save you over the next 10 years. We ​also look at your power usage, what power loads you have in your home and how future devices, like electric cars, will impact on the design. Our process ensures you get the right system, both for now and for the future. There is plenty of sun hitting your Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast roof right now so what are you waiting for​?
Get the right system for you, professional installation and local backup.
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