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The SolarOn Difference

The "Solaron" Difference

The images showcase the lengths Solaron goes to in making your solution the best. High quality isolators with stainless steel cable ties on the roof sections. Professional Dektite roof penetration seals that will not leak.

Fireproof backing boards for asset protection and safety. Professional standard installation practices for neat appearance and serviceability.

Expertise + Quality = Great Results

If you have bad back you find the most experienced person to deal with. Makes sense, right? If the back specialist then offered you a budget solution or a tried and tested back cure from the world’s leading manufacturer, which one would you choose?

The team at Solaron are experts in the field of energy, power and storage. We only have one level of product, the best in the world, as we don’t see why anyone should accept anything less. It would be like budget back surgery, which would be not very smart. No matter whether it is your home or business then buying the best, from the best in the business, will lead to a great result.

Support for the long road ahead

Looking after clients after the installation dust has settled is where most energy companies lose the plot. Providing great service takes time and costs money so many solar companies just don’t look after their customers. Solaron are the exact opposite. We are so opposite that we stood out by winning “Best solar company in Australia 2016” by Product Review. Our customers, and even non-customers, were so impressed with our service that we were the highest rated solar business in Australia.

Like to know more about the Solaron Difference?

Solaron are technical people who are here to help you and discuss your specific needs. You can call us, email us or just fill in our contact form. Here is the process you can expect from Solaron:
  • We will collect all the data, bills and information possible so we can accurately advise you on what impact solar will have on your home or business.
  • Work out the best places to locate your panels and inverters to achieve maximum performance with minimum visual impact on your property
  • We will help you work out other changes you can make to your routine, lighting and machinery to further reduce your power costs.
  • Explain how the Solaron product selection, installation and backup will enable you to produce more power with greater reliability.
  • Look at outright purchase, finance or rental options for your system so you can pay off your newr system using the savings from your power bills.
If you value expertise, quality and support then we are the right company for you. Experience the Solaron difference today by calling 0499 774 373
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