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Critical Power

Critical Power

The installation itself is a “work of art”.  I could not have wished for anything more.

When loss of power is a major problem

Recent events in both QLD and SA show that you cannot rely on grid power. If you have more reasons than most for reliable, always on, power then we can help. Solaron can supply your home or business with ​a ​combination of solar and battery storage to power the things you need when the grid is down. This is a fully automated system and can even include generator input for prolonged outages. We can keep your computers, lighting and refrigeration operational for as long as required so the impact is greatly reduced. For a business we can keep security, CCTV, servers, phone system and internet operational so you can keep on trading.

Would you cope without grid power

If you have medical or safety issues then going without power may be life threatening. For business losing servers or security could cost you thousands of dollars. Data loss, wages, stock loss and no sales can make things very hard to deal with. Lots of Brisbane businesses lost power, and money, during the last flood episode. Sunshine Coast owners were without power for days after a cyclone. Even the Gold Coast strip was blacked out after a network fault.

Like to know more?

Solaron are technical people who are here to help you and discuss your specific needs. You can call us, email us or just fill in our contact form. Here is the process you can expect from Solaron
  • We will collect all the data, bills and information possible so we can accurately advise you on what impact solar will have on your business.
  • Work out the best places to locate your panels and inverters to achieve maximum performance with minimum visual impact on your property
  • We will help you work out other changes you can make to your routine, lighting and machinery to further reduce your power costs.
  • Explain how the Solaron product selection, installation and backup will enable you to produce more power with greater reliability.
  • Look at outright purchase, finance or rental options for your system so you can pay off your new system using the savings from your power bills.
For guaranteed power 365 days a year talk to the experts in critical power. Call Solaron today on 0499 774 373
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