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Solar Doctor Service

Solar Doctor Service

Soloron's experienced technicians can resolve any solar power issue

Is your solar system sick?

If you are not sure if your solar system is doing what it should then our Solar Doctor service is just what you need. We can inspect, test and provide advice on any brand of solar system, both Residential and commercial. Our experienced technicians can check your panels, cabling, inverter and isolation switches, checking voltages, bad connections, water ingress or bird / insect damage. A faulty or poor performing system could be costing you hundreds of dollars a year so our low-cost inspections can be recovered very quickly.

Could my system be unsafe?

The last thing anyone needs is to come home and see their house or business on fire. Solar systems involve high voltages and currents so it is vital that they be correctly installed and regularly maintained. If it has been years since yours was checked or you have purchased a property where solar history is not known, then you need to call the Solar Doctor.

What happens if my system has an issue?

Once the inspection is complete we will provide a report on what was found and what is required to fix it or make it safe. You can then decide if you would like us to complete this work or not. We do not proceed with any repairs without your consent so if the inspection and report is all you want then that is all you will be required to pay for.

Like to know more?

Solaron are technical people who are here to help you and discuss your specific needs. You can call us, email us or just fill in our contact form. Here is the process you can expect from the Solar Doctor:
  • We will come out to your home or business and do a full top to bottom inspection of your system including panels, cabling, inverter and isolators.
  • Our technician will record voltages and currents for your panels and advise if they are within expected range.
  • We will check for water, insect or bird damage and advise of preventative measures for the future.
  • The report left for you covers all findings and suggested rectification to bring your system up to full operation and safety compliant.
Ensure your solar system is working properly and safely.
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